Aug 7, 2013


July was the preamble to crazy August, in the same week my job at the health food store and my class on interpreting ended, on the same day, so here is the undeniable sign of change.
Surprisingly, my income is coming from commissions, which in the past would feel more like a punishment, but now as I get older and more tolerant I love them! And as they become my only source of income until the next big sell (which are non existent during the summer) I realize that I could have done this a while ago. You live and learn.
And happy to share that I'm also working on new prints for a show in the fall at Kendall college, and getting my piles of stuff, memories, letters, paper, old plates, craft projects, etc sorted out but mostly clearing out my life.
The studio will be ready for printmaking classes in the fall and my favorite holiday of all El Dia de Los Muertos.

Here is the last commission I worked on: