Dec 30, 2005

the whole process...

First, I decided the order and the color of the plates. I did the first image with colored paper, and then I made xerox copies. (Note: the orientation of the drawing on the copy machine changed the result)
Primero: decidir el ordern y el color de las placas, la primera imagen la hice con papel de colores y luego le saque varias copias. (Nota: la orientacion de la imagen en la copiedora cambia el resultado)

Next: I picked the color that had more detail; in this case is the blue one, and carved that plate first so it can be used as key plate.

Siguiente paso: Elegi el color que tuviera mas detalles; en este caso el azul, y escarve la placa para usarla como llave.

Once it was finished, I inked the plate and transfer the ink to an acetate and then to the other two plates. Una vez terminada, laentinte y transferi la tinta a un acetato y despues este a las otras dos placas.

First plate; I inked and printed the orange cones first, then I wiped off the orange ink and inked and printed the yellow.

Primera placa; primero entinte e imprimi los conos anaranjados, despues limpie la placa y entinte e imprimi el amarillo.

Second plate; the paper was left on the press to prevent it from moving out of the registration marks.

Segunda placa; deje el papel bajo el rodillo de la prensa para evitar que se moviera de las marcas de registro.

Last plate

Ultima placa

Last step: cleaning up.

Ultimo paso: limpiar.

Dec 8, 2005

construction season

There are two stories for this print.

1 The joke; there is a saying here in Michigan about the weather. "We only heve two seasons; winter and construction". The most coloful season is Fall, and what best represent construction are orange cones.

2 The paradox; construction of roads means that in the future we will have acces to places that were far away or too difficult reach without a car. It also means that those places are going to get destroyed in the process.

Alynn Guerra