Dec 26, 2007

10 000 AñOS DE MAIZ 10 000 YEARS OF CORN

Friday January 4th
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Join us for an evening of art, poetry, video and information
that both; celebrates the cultural heritage of corn in Mexico, and provides opportunities for anyone to resist the corporate/government attempt to take over our food systems.

On January 1, 2008 new NAFTA provisions take effect, causing more hunger and displacement for Mexican

Sin Maiz no hay Pais!

Red Hydrant Shop
314 Straight SW Door M
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Dec 20, 2007

The Red Hydrant Studio is open before the Holidays!

The studio is open on weekends from noon to 5pm.
I'm working on a new big print, come and check out the process.
Also I have shirts, scarves, cards and prints of all sizes framed or unframed.

The studio is located at:

324 Straight Ave SW @ Hemlock st.
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

on the South side of Tanglefoot building Door M

Also, if you come on Saturday, you can check out the Tanglefoot studio on the other side of the buliding.

Nov 21, 2007

After Death... what's to come?

We had so much fur at the Dead End Show! I was happy, amazed, grateful, etc to see so many people showing up during both days.
The studio is in a warehouse buliding on the west side of the city, it is in the middle of two scrap metal places and far from any main street or intersection, on top of that we are on the third floor. Despite all that, people were able to find their way to our space!

I believe it's better to have friends than money, and this time I'm willing to carve it on a tree, well maybe on a piece of wood. We were able to have such good music thanks to all of our musician friends. Whe had lots of art thanks to all of our artistic friends, and lots of people thanks to all of our art loving freinds.

And what's next? well, because this was our first event ever, it was also going to set the gudelines for future projects, and that's where we are right now, planing for the rest of the year. I'm consideriing teaching some printmaking classes for children and adults, maybe have some days a mont where I'd welcome printmakers to work on a group project, etc...

The next big sale will be at the UICA's Holiday Artists Market November 31 and December 1st.

folow this link for more details
or visit my website

If you have ideas, want to do a project, or just want to say hi and have a glass of wine (or water, that's fine too), please visit our studio, we would be happy to have you over.

Sep 14, 2007

Dia de los Muertos

This will be our studio’s grand opening event.

In Mexico El Dia de los Muertos is one of the most important events of the year, it is the time when you welcome back the souls of the departed and have a big party for them, the belief is that they will make a long trip to be part of the celebration and they don’t want to see tears or sorrow, they want us to be happy to have them back (at least for a night).
For many years I have helped organize several Day of the Dead events in Grand Rapids, now for the first time I’m having my own event.
And what will this be?
The ofrenda a big part of the celebration
Skull painting
Traditional Bread

And most important:
Day of the Dead related art by artists:
Carlos Aceves, Hugo Claudin, Alynn Guerra, Rebecca Rodriguez, Reb Roberts & Carmella Loftis, Sarah Scott-Brandt, Jeff smith and Elisabeth Vedrin

The place:
Red Hydrant Studio
324 Straight SW and Hemlock
Door M
Grand Rapids MI 49504
616 808 0092

Jun 26, 2007

Hnaging in the Air

This print is the black and white version of a painting. I don't think it need an explanation so, I will just describe the piece itself. I carved the piece on a 5x5 " linoleum plate and then printed it on Amate paper.
Amate is a mexican tree from where the paper is made by pounding its inner bark into an even sheet of "paper", the aztecs were the first to use this paper to create their codices.
I wish I could use this paper more often, but it is difficult to find and also expensive.

Drying and pressing the prints is the last step of the printmaking process.

This is how the plate looks when I'm carving it, and this is also why I don't sell drawings...

Apr 17, 2007

Trees, trees...

This is a small version of the piece I'm donating to the Progressive Women’s Alliance event: “Strong Voices in Art, Music and Politics”

The date is Wednesday April 25th from 6-10pm. - San Chez Restaurant 38 West Fulton Grand Rapids. Tickets are $30 adult or $20 student

Feb 21, 2007

4th Anniversary of the War

A man found Aladin's lamp lying around. Since he was a big reader, the man recognized it and rubbed it right away. The genie appeared, bowed deeply, and said: "At your service, master. Your wish is my command. But there will be only one wish"
Since he was a good boy, the man said, "I wish for my dead mother to be brought back."
The genie made a face. "I'm sorry, master, but that wish is impossible. Make another."
Since he was a nice guy, the man said, "I wish the world would stop spending money to kill people
The genie swallowed. "Uhh... What did you say your mother's name was?"
Eduardo Galeano

El deseo
Un hombre encontró la lámpara de Aladino tirada por ahí. Como era un buen lector, el hombre la reconoció y la frotó. El genio apareció, hizo una reverencia, se ofreció:
--Estoy a su servicio, amo. Pídame un deseo, y será cumplido. Pero ha de ser un solo deseo.
Como era un buen hijo, el hombre pidió:
--Deseo que resucites a mi madre muerta.
El genio hizo una mueca:
--Lo lamento, amo, pero es un deseo imposible. Pídame otro.
Como era un buen tipo, el hombre pidió:
--Deseo que el mundo no siga gastando dinero en matar gente.
El genio tragó saliva:
--Este... ¿Cómo dijo que se llamaba su mamá?

(Patas arriba. La escuela del mundo al revés). Eduardo Galeano