Mar 3, 2014

Grand Rapids print commission

I have been working on some commissions lately and hasn't been as bad as I thought. So far I have enjoyed creating images for other people and the best part is that you get paid for your work right away instead of just waiting until the next art show or that fortuitous sale.

The good part; 
-knowing exactly what to do (sort of) 
-having a time frame, deadlines are great when you don't have time management skills
-being able to pay rent that month

The bad part;
-Commissions are restrictive
 in so many ways, and more often than not the one design you hated but sent anyway is the one that gets picked, or the design you loved gets changed so much that you have a hard time recognizing it as your own. So, when I start to get mildly frustrated I have to remind my self to be patient,  that this is truly a job and it is a really awesome job because at the end of the day I may feel like I accomplished something and that is something I never experienced having "real" job.