Oct 16, 2009

Prints are finally showing up!

I been putting a lot of energy organizing and getting ready for the "Dead End Prints" exhibit, not knowing if I was going to get any prints to show. 
I opened the studio on Monday to receive submissions and not a single person showed up, then I got a lonely print on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday I got a bunch on the mail. On Thursday I was anxious to check my mail, and there they were an other pile of multicolored envelopes containing beautiful Day of the Dead prints. 
Today is Friday and there are two more days until the dead line. I can't wait to go to the studio and check my mail. But I'm on the other hand trying to make a dead line for an other printmaking  show which is today.

Oct 4, 2009

Dead End Prints - two more weeks

There are just two more weeks between today and the deadline. I have heard from many people about their interest in participating, attending, writing about it, etc. And now I'm just going to be waiting anxiously to see what happens. So far, two local magazines have written stories about this event, but the most amazing thing is the emails I'm getting from all over the country and beyond requesting more information. 
The idea to organize a mini print exhibition came from our visit to several printmaking shops in Chicago about 3 months ago, I got inspired and decided to organize an exhibit with just handpulled prints for my favorite celebration of the year: El Dia de los Muertos. 
I think that an exiting theme and size would be the catalyst for really great mini prints.
If you are a printmaker and would like to participate, please visit my website and download a submission form.   The only requirement is the size; 9 square inches.