Feb 16, 2012

What is a studio for? anyway

January is such a slow month in the studio. I am tired from having so many holiday sales, my stuff is all misplaced, I can't find any energy let alone inspiration to create, etc etc; so, by the end of the month I've got enough from my isolation and I need people. That's why I have parties, but that isn't very productive. Instead I am hosting drawing sessions called Drink and Draw, also I've been teaching some workshops and later in the month I'm teaching a 4 week class for people who are selfconscious of their doodles.
I do believe that everybody can draw, I was the art-challenged type until my last year of high school, and I did my first good/realistic drawing only after 3 months of starting my college drawing classes; don't like to brag but by the second year my drawings started to get stolen, it's true. That doesn't happen anymore though, they look like I was on the phone while drawing them, I get away with it by calling it style, ha!

Back to people and visitors, last week I had the best of all! My friend Rob and his son Caden came to the studio to make some prints. Caden, learned how to transfer his whale drawing onto a soft plate and then carved it and printed it. Always, the best part is when they realize,  I can make a bunch of them!