Apr 21, 2009

Birthday print giveaway

Today is my birthday, and the third time I give prints on this day.
I already gave a bunch of them at my party on Saturday, the only thing I ask in return is a note.
Apart from the fun party, food, present, dancing, etc; it's always a joy to read the notes at the end of the day, that makes the whole thing memorable.
This year I created a print that had something to do with my birthday (kind of).
I believe that death is only the end of another cycle, and every year we complete a cycle.
I keep changing the name of this print, but so far I'd like to name it "Death gathering cycles"
If you would like a print, go to my etsy shop and get one.
If you live in Grand Rapids, MI, come to Founders brewery tonight, I'll be there at 7 PM, write a note and get a print!

Why do I give prints on my birthday? I'll write about that tomorrow...