Apr 25, 2011

Festival Poster

Back in July I received an email to discuss an opportunity to create the poster for the Festival of the Arts, and even though they hadn't asked me to do it yet, I was so happy just to even be considered for the job.

unveiling event at the GRAM

Then in August I met with the Festival chairs, Joanne Bailey-Boorsma and Alex Castro and they officially asked me to create the Festival of the Arts 2011 poster.  Then, the pressure was official too, plus I couldn't tell anybody until the unveiling in February, that's 6 months of keeping my mouth shut!

I said: the print will look a lot better, trust me...

  Grand Rapids Press:
Grand Rapids Festival 2011 poster unveiled
2011 Festival of the Arts poster well received by Grand Rapids community

WZZM 13:

Dead End Print Exhibition 2010 - OIL


This event took place the last weekend of October, we received 50+ prints that were critical, satirical, sad, insightful, etc about the theme of OIL.
my plate halfway carved