Apr 25, 2011

Festival Poster

Back in July I received an email to discuss an opportunity to create the poster for the Festival of the Arts, and even though they hadn't asked me to do it yet, I was so happy just to even be considered for the job.

unveiling event at the GRAM

Then in August I met with the Festival chairs, Joanne Bailey-Boorsma and Alex Castro and they officially asked me to create the Festival of the Arts 2011 poster.  Then, the pressure was official too, plus I couldn't tell anybody until the unveiling in February, that's 6 months of keeping my mouth shut!

I said: the print will look a lot better, trust me...

  Grand Rapids Press:
Grand Rapids Festival 2011 poster unveiled
2011 Festival of the Arts poster well received by Grand Rapids community

WZZM 13:


Eli Griggs said...

Congratulations! Your work looks great and I am very happy that you were chosen for this honor and task.

You always bring a very positive energy and imagination to your work and that is a rare thing with many artists I see and I enjoy every opportunity that comes to me, to view your work.


Alynn Guerra said...

Eli, thanks for you kind comment, it made me happy to know that not only is somebody reading my blog but also liking it, ha!

Thank you again.

Vizart said...

Congratulation! I read your blog and love your work!

Andrew Stone said...

Great Poster.
NO skeletons, though.

Congratulations on being asked to do the poster and on doing a great job.
Eye catching and inviting.

David Witte said...

It is a great print, I bought the shirt after seeing your work. I am interested in buying the two prints that are connected by a "can telephone". Do you have a studio? How could I contact you about this?