Aug 10, 2011

The "going away" event

Back in March The Beehive Collective visited my hometown and besides giving  the presentation at GVSU, teaching a workshop at my studio and coming with me to the local brewery, they also planted in my brain the idea of coming to Machias and visit their community. I've been wanting to do so ever since I met them for the first time back in 2001.

The idea of driving/flying/riding the train all the way to Maine seemed daunting to me, but I decided I wanted to do it.

Now, the problem was that I didn't have enough money to cover all the travel expenses plus my expenses at home while I was gone. I struggled for I while and then decided that maybe if I had a studio sale I could probably be able to go, otherwise I was going to have to wait until next year.

A week before the date I was planing on leaving I started sending invitations to my "Going away sale", knowing that one week is too short notice, I really didn't expect much of it. Nevertheless I worked really hard that week to have enough prints to sale, and to entice people to come to the event I offered a trade; if they brought me a mix for the road they would get 25% off anything in my studio.

On the day of the event I woke up super early and super tired, went to the Farmer's market and cooked a lot of food. By noon I was ready (it helps to have nice housemates) and open for the sale.

Needles to say, I got a lot of support from my community and a lot of music too!

Now I'm on the road, and was able to pay for all the expenses that this trip has generated. I've been having the greatest time driving and listening to all kinds of music, thinking of the time and thought this or that person put into the mix that's keeping me awake, and  being grateful for having such a good hearted, supportive community.

I'm leaving Toronto today, Montreal is my next stop and I still don't know where I'm staying.

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Sheryl said...

Alynn, bravo! New beginnings, re-awakenings. Discovery. Letting go of the tree branch and free-falling. Bravo! I know you will have many wonderful things happen. Sheryl