May 23, 2008

My first week in Mexico

I have to start by saying that although I was born and raised in Mexico city, I hate living in big cities, I can visit for three or five days so right now I'm close to my limit, I need to run to a small town soon. By the way the whole city is under construction, it is a complete chaos.

I rather take the subway and the "micro" than driving, it takes twice as much time, but at least you don't have to worry about agressive drivers or being one yourself. I had promess my mom that I would take her out for dinner, and she has to use a wheelchair, so I had to drive, and now I'm so tired, I feel like I had climbed a mountain.

Durig my first week I visited my old university: Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, or UNAM, the library building is covered with a mural made of natural stone by Juan O'Gorman, and some of the buildings are decorated with murals by David Alfaro Siqueiros (one of my favorite artists) and Diego Rivera.