Feb 21, 2007

4th Anniversary of the War

A man found Aladin's lamp lying around. Since he was a big reader, the man recognized it and rubbed it right away. The genie appeared, bowed deeply, and said: "At your service, master. Your wish is my command. But there will be only one wish"
Since he was a good boy, the man said, "I wish for my dead mother to be brought back."
The genie made a face. "I'm sorry, master, but that wish is impossible. Make another."
Since he was a nice guy, the man said, "I wish the world would stop spending money to kill people
The genie swallowed. "Uhh... What did you say your mother's name was?"
Eduardo Galeano

El deseo
Un hombre encontró la lámpara de Aladino tirada por ahí. Como era un buen lector, el hombre la reconoció y la frotó. El genio apareció, hizo una reverencia, se ofreció:
--Estoy a su servicio, amo. Pídame un deseo, y será cumplido. Pero ha de ser un solo deseo.
Como era un buen hijo, el hombre pidió:
--Deseo que resucites a mi madre muerta.
El genio hizo una mueca:
--Lo lamento, amo, pero es un deseo imposible. Pídame otro.
Como era un buen tipo, el hombre pidió:
--Deseo que el mundo no siga gastando dinero en matar gente.
El genio tragó saliva:
--Este... ¿Cómo dijo que se llamaba su mamá?

(Patas arriba. La escuela del mundo al revés). Eduardo Galeano

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ainesse said...

Hello Alynn

I also have a blog and I just finished my "You've been Tagged" homework. I have been looking around the web to try to find some new artist printmakers who I think are doing interesting work. Today just by co incidence an email in my box arrived from the Baren forum. I am not exclusivley a woodblock printmaker so I can not join the group but its good to get their emails because I found YOU !!

I love this piece - I like artwork that is saying something but not exp;licitly gorey at the same time.

Anyway I would like you to tell me if it will be OK for me nominate you for "You'be been Tagged " .

let me know...asap