Jul 28, 2010

Old Birthday Notes

Back in April I celebrated my birthday by having a party and asking people to write notes in exchange for a print. What was different this year was that the note had to be about my favorite color, which wasn't that difficult to guess; and the author of my favorite story would get one of my prints framed.
I got stories sent by email, or posted on my face book and real hand written ones. I read and I enjoyed all of them. But two in particular got my attention, one was a poem and the other a very creative sci-fi story. The poem was written by a 12 year old girl, and the sci-fi story by her mother; so I decided to give the artwork to both of them, they are the two blue cards in the center of the picture.
I gad a great time which keeps coming back every time I open a drawer and find that stack of colorful cards in it. I'm very grateful to all my friends who gave me those wonderful stories on my birthday.

Jul 12, 2010

Open Studio Hours

Now it is official: I'm opening my studio to the public on Mondays and Fridays from Noon to 6 PM.
I kept telling people about this, but posting it on my website is going to make it look more credible.

All of my prints and printed stuff are available for purchase, the other good news is that I can now take credit card payments.

For more information please follow the link to my website.