Jan 16, 2010

New year and other projects.

I had the best time organizing the Dead End exhibit, we received 54 prints from 28 artists from 8 states, I met a lot of really nice printmakers and print buyers as well.
At the end I was unable to create a website but I put together a webpage with all the prints from the exhibit.

Two weeks after that we had yet an other event; the Tanglefoot 19 open studio Holiday sale, where all the artist studios in the three and four stories Tanglefoot building open their doors to the public.

In the middle of the Holiday exitement and had to print about 200 paper bombs for the UICA's exhibit "(S)Edition Prints as Activism". This exhibit features the work of 54 artists and will be up until March 5th.

And since it's so hard for me to say no even when I'm swamped, I ended up participating in a fundrising project for a local organization that provides meals to homeless people in the city. I painted/printed a bowl which will be auctioned during the event. I really wished I had known a little bit more about printing on a bisque bowl. Now, I'm just hoping it turns out good enough to be auctioned for at least a decent price.

The design is based on one of the Tree of Life and Death designs I did for the Dead End exhibit, only this one doesn't have any skulls in it, I thought it wouldn't be appropiate to have death references on a food container. Instead I used one statement form the book "Manifestos on the Future of Food and Seed", wich says: Food is a human right.

Since I don't post as often as I should, I always try to say as much as I can with as little words as possible as to not overwhelm who ever stumbles into my blog, so if there are things that don't make much sense, there is always a website to visit for reference: www.redhydrantpress.com

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Sharri said...

Love your bowl and I'm sure it brought more than a decent price! Thanks for posting the exhibition - there are some very interesting prints.