Feb 11, 2008

International Women's Day Event Canceled

This is a sad notice, after only two events we were told by the Fire Department that we cann't have anymore. The reason: the space is not safe.
For a whole week I was sad, frustrated and even sick, I didn't know if we were even going to be able to keep the space.
As of today, we can keep the space but we can't have any more events until they approve it.
For now, I'm getting ready for the summer art fairs, I'm happy that I still have a place and also because I had such a good time during those two events.


ainesse said...

Hello Alynn I just wanted to let you know that I am finally sending you notice that "You've been tagged" !!

Please check out this url on my blog page

Wilbo said...

Connie, it is gratifying to see that "The Separation on State Street" will enjoy some screen time at April's Mitten Movie project. I wanted to point out how much talent St. Mary, a reporter by trade, has spotted and promoted.

The soundtrack is scored by Troy Gregory. Maybe you know him from "Evil People, They Find Me", a video that featured Christine of Bricktown Station, an actress from InZero. He's the lead singer from Troy Gregory and the Stepsisters:


In short, it might be fun to add his music to your ambient music before the screening and maybe add the youtube video of "Evil People" to your lineup as a surprise.

The art from his promotional card is the work of Alynn Guerra. It is astounding that this woman's authentic Mexican art isn't selling for huge prices. You'll enjoy seeing for yourself:



I've often thought the Mitten Movie Project could curate the art show that is hung in the Main's side lobby. Alynn could be a good start for that. I hesitate to suggest she could be short listed for the Dally in the Alley poster artist. Forgive my cheek in suggesting it.