Apr 20, 2008

Birthday print giveaway

On my birthday I give prints away to remind my self of the importance of keeping my art available to people who can't afford it. It is also a way of giving back and being grateful for all the good things that happened to me during the year; all the good ideas that I have no clue where they came from, all the great people that I met, all the projects that I accomplished, etc.

Maybe nobody will read this blog on my birthday, but if you do, and you'd like to have a piece of my work, then we are both lucky, you can visit my website and claim a print, if you live out of Grand Rapids (the city where I live) then go to the Etsy shop, you would have to pay for the shipping though.



Ellen Shipley said...

Alynn, I've admired a couple of your prints on etsy for some time. I would love to have one of them, but I feel funny just claiming it. Can I trade you something for it? 8-]

Jennifer said...

Hi Alynn. Happy Birthday!

Sharri said...

Happy Birthday!