Dec 2, 2012

Due update

I have been back 3 months already! And it was not an easy time during the first 2 weeks; coming back to and empty home (even the dog was gone) with so much to process and make sense of, plus the fact that my community was going through a mayor transition made me feel like I was alone in a swamp of loneliness and depression.
Thankfully, that's all the time I got to be depressed, right after that I found out that my exhibition at the Holland Arts Council was 2 weeks earlier than planned. I was able to produce 3 big prints about my trip, and then talk about my experience in the Middle East.
Then I had a few Art shows, talks, exhibitions, I even participated in ArtPrize and an open studio event,  and I adopted a dog!

The Wilson's girl, hanging out at our open studio event. On the wall some of the work I produced after the trip.
613 seeds, 613 good deeds.
I am now getting ready to enjoy the winter in a cabin in the woods or maybe go south and see my family. In the meantime I have one more event: the Vinecroft Studios Holiday Artist Market and maybe one more open studio weekend.

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