Mar 2, 2013

Reduction printing. Wolf relationships

Like that fancy dish that takes for ever to prepare, tastes amazing and never find the motivation to do, color printing, or better said reduction printing takes a lot of motivation on my behalf, but I enjoy every bit of the process once I convince myself to engage in such a project.

The motivation was, the passing of a law to allow wolves to be hunted for sport in Michigan for the first time in nearly 50 years, thus removing them from the list of endangered species. For more on this subject visit:

I started this carving 3 weeks ago at UICA's Live Coverage, I don't know what I was thinking trying to design, draw and then carve and print 4 times in an 8 hour period of time. Nonetheless, I managed to carve and print 8 backgrounds and one general decent image to be auctioned.  Then I let it rest for one week and started the process again. Here is the process in pictures:

First step: carving the background. There are still black marks
on the board from the rough sharpie drawing

Background printed (first layer of color)

After pulling enough copies to leave room for mess ups
(I did 8) Then all of the blue background is removed

Green and red make brown, right?
 here I only removed a few lines of green.

Yes, green and red make brown! Third layer printed, red on top of green.
I also have to wipe off any ink on the raven every time I print. Next and last layer will be black.

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