Jul 3, 2012

Infinite thanks!!!

I've got a late start... But the moment I announced I was granted an art residency in the Holy Land and my urgent need to raise funds; I was showered with sympathy, financial support, and all kinds of help and love.
I got checks in the mail,  online donations, over-payments for prints, etc. And when I was feeling sick under the stress of throwing a big fundraising party; I was overwhelmed by the amount of help I received from friends and "acquaintances"

I am still overwhelmed, and loving my community more than ever. This trip hasn't started yet, and I feel like I have experienced, and learned so much from it already. I still need to raise 1/3 of the funds, but nonetheless can happily announce that my Grand Rapids community is sending me to the Holy Land.

Here is a very ambitious attempt:

Thanks to:
 Joel Skendzel, for being the best landlord and putting up with my countless ideas of events.
Cabildo, for putting up with my innumerable requests and for playing such amazing music
Drew Nelson, for his inspiring lyrics, beautiful music and unbelievable generosity.
Carlos Aceves, for all the amazing food that made our bellies sooo happy
David McGowan, for documenting the event with the most timely shots I could've wished for.
Kate Avila, the best printing assistant!
Mariano Avila, for starting it all.
The beautiful Moon
Garry Perrine, Billy Bennett, Sharri LaPierre, my studio mates: Elaine Dalcher, Tommy Allen and Michael Pfleghaar, the unconditional Bivinses, Ramirez' and Siegenthaler's,  printmaking mama Sarah Scott,  all the MAM gang, Wendy Marty, Amanda Narvaes, Steve Davison and Steve Heintz, Alex Gilford, Josh and Rachel, Jason Shrier, Dianne Carroll Burdick, Jeff Smith and Colette Seguin, Cathryn Young, Dan Vandesteeg, the Rumsey's, Frederic Voisin, Dave Huizenga, Ron Lichtenstein, Heather Bryant, the Hollemans, Josh Duggan, Renee and Eric... Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
I know I must be missing many more...

For those who happen to be on Facebook, here is a link to the album

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