Jul 23, 2012

Leaving the "land of opportunities"

I have never been to NY, always tried to avoid the big city when traveling trough the state; but being on a plane flying over this territory that gradually changes its color from the deepest green splattered with, I'd like to say blue, but sadly is brown water, to a grayish zippered green into finally a true concrete gray; the gate into the land of opportunities, I can't help it I find myself looking for her, I have a feeling she's there hiding between all that gray raising from the water... And then I see her. An overwhelming feeling of sadness, excitement, and melancholy gets into my very core. I imagine the countless immigrants that came trough that gate, some escaping, some looking for opportunities. I think of displacement through physical, economic, social violence. I think about my own situation, being an immigrant leaving the "land of opportunities" through this same gate to go to one of the most oppressive places in the world, where those who have been there for countless generations are constantly forced to emigrate their beloved land or become prisoners in it.
Good bye lady Liberty! We are off to the Holy Land.

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Diane Cutter said...

Have a wonderful experience. I lived four years in Amman and we would get over to the West Bank and beyond as often as possible. It's full of wonders... please keep us up on your adventure.