Jul 4, 2012

Resiliency print

It's true... my website was swallowed by a cyber monster.  Long story, but in short a very frustrating experience, and an important lesson learned.
So all I'm left with for now, is;  this blog, an Etsy site and a Facebook page; oh, sure a Twitter account too.

I am still trying to raise funds to pay for my trip to the Holy Land, one way is by selling prints. There is more information in two previous posts below, but basically I am selling 50 prints @ $35 each. And by selling them all I should be able to cover that expense at least. Donations are also welcome, there is a link on the side panel for that.

If you wish kindly offer your support by buying a print, they are available on my Etsy site; or there is always the option of buying directly from my studio in Grand Rapids.

I should say that I am 1/3 away from my goal, and it has been such a beautiful experience to receive so much support, affection, encouragement and sympathy from my local community and beyond.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

Hello Alynn!!!
I live in Montreal and it`s seem that I can`t have your print delivered here with Etsy!!!
Is it possible or do I do something wrong!!!
Antonin Gallant(Montreal,Canada)

Alynn Guerra said...

Hi Antonin,

Thank you for trying to help, sorry you found some difficulties. I added your location on Etsy, and you should be able to buy it now.

I was in Montreal last summer, what a beautiful city! It took me for ever to figure out how to get there, between road detours and my lack of french. But I sure enjoyed it.

Thanks again!!